Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Postalbella and RAK's

This first card is a Postalbella Card from Ami and although she didnt care for it much, I think she did an awesome job AND she followed the sketch, which i could not make work for me! so Thank you Ami for a wonderful card, it made me smile! It looks like a little purse and has the cutest little metal charm on it~looks like a martini class! sooooo cute and the colors are perfect together!!!

Next are a few RAK I received in the mail last Thursday from some awesome ladies and they sent me images to color too!
The Riley one came from Kim..I just love the Pirate Riley and you may not be able to tell, but behind riley is a scroll that looks like a map....so adorable! and she sent me this assortment of fun images to color just to thank me for sending her some BELLA images! I wasnt expecting her to do that, so it was a very nice surprise!!!! The second card is from Susan and she sent me these images in exchange for some i sent her and boy did she bless me!!! i will be coloring til my heart is content! I feel very fortunate to call these 3 gals "friends" and they should feel priveleged as i do NOT take that "friends" term lightly! OK so thats all for now....I do have a few bellas that i will be posting later today for you to enjoy, but until then....tata for now!

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Debby said...

I too had problems with that sketch. I finally had to let it go for now and I was sending to Ami! I think she did a lovely job on her card to you. She has been practicing ever since as you probably know. I send Ami exra goodies because I was such a lame-o on this one. I will practice too :-)