Friday, July 18, 2008

Croppinswap project and cutest babies EVAH!!!!

have you ever had a project that you kept trying to get right and the picture in your mind just could not be produced??? So if your like me, you trash it and start over.....well thats how my project for the Croppinsville Swap went...and so finally this post it note holder got my seal of approval to send out....of course they are due tomorrow and the mail probably wont get there til monday or tuesday.....luckily Allie is at CHA (having a marvelous time, i'm sure so she wont be back to get the projects until at least Monday. So take a look and tell me whatcha think....and then look at the cutest babies evah EVAH....they came over to play w/grandma (cuz uncle Aaron is gone to FArgo, ND for USAW NATIONALS) and they dont want me to be lonely!

This is my P3 (pretty pretty princess!!!) and her is sooo busy playing with all the toys, she just cant be bothered to pose for a picture.

And this is my littlest monkeyliver....I know strange pet names, but they definetly seem to fit cuz he is feisty, but so precious and soooo sweet....

He loves his grandma and I love both of them HIGHER THAN THE SKY AND WIDER THAN THE OCEAN X'S 87 1/2 KAJILLION (and that is a very whole LOT!!!!) grandbabies are the best!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with lots of crafting!!! tata for now!!!

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Ami said...

What beautiful babies!!!!! Have a great time with them and good luck to Aaron.