Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i've been RAK'D

The first picture is a RAK i received from one of my Bellah Sistahs, Liane Donovan, isnt it just the cutes. I luvie the colors she chose to use together. They arent typically colors you would think of together, but they work b-u-tifully!!!

Thank YOU Liane for thinking of me!!!

Next is a card I made last night with some new clear mini sets I got from INKADINKADO....I think it turned out pretty cute, what do you think? dont ya just luv brown and pink together?

Sorry if the pictures aren't the best, I am not sure why but when i uploaded them, they appeared a little blurry to me, but I am not sure what happened. If you can't read the saying, it says "friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life" Isnt that just soooo true! Friends are definetly what makes life funner and so does chocolate!!! yum yum yum!!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day and be blessed!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More bellas (of course)

Here are a few more bellas I recently created. Some of them you may have already seen, but I didnt have a blog then, so I am posting them now. Last night I was just tooooo tired to move off the couch, much less create anything, but i believe tonight will be much better so hopefully i will have something fun to show ya tomorrow!!!

this first one is a Mwahbella, I luvie her, isnt she just too cute?
the next one is Savvyshoppabella....I made her especially for my BFF, Cindy, who moved to a far far away land...well sunny Florida anyway (which to me, in Indiana, it might as well be a far far away land) anyway....if u read says, "we came, we shopped, we paid cash" hee heee heee, this is becuz of our mutual goal to get out of debt! so we were each others shopping partners, that way we never EVAH use any credit cards, only cash or a debit card! wish she was still here, cuz it made it soooo much easier when i had someone else to be accountable to. Now, I struggle to focus on NOT spending anymore money than i have budgeted any of you have this same problem????? well i guess now, i need to focus on raising the money for my son's trip to nationals, so i will definetly have to stick to my BUDGET (what a nasty little word!)
well hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!

wOO HOO!!! I am soooo excited! can ya tell? Our first state wrestling tourney went AWESOME!!! So this will be a bragging blog & probably no creativity for today (as I did not have time this weekend do do anything) My youngest son, Aaron, got 2nd place at the ISWA greco-roman tournament and that qualifies him to be on "TEAM INDIANA" yay!!! yay!!! yay!!! My older son also got to participate on this team, when he was a junior in High School, but Aaron is only a Freshman so this is quite an honor. Plus it mean a fun trip to Nationals which are held in Fargo, ND. And to top that off, the kid he lost to, came over after the match and told us Aaron was the only person to score any points on him ALL SEASON!!! OMG!!! I am just so proud of him and all the hard work he has put into (even when he didnt want to somedays) now it is paying off! well that is all the bragging i will do for today, but thanks for listening and stopping by....i will try and have a card for ya tomorrow (or maybe a scrapbook page? who knows)

Friday, April 25, 2008

We're off to see the Wizard!

Well, maybe not the wizard, but we are headed to Indy for a wrestling tourney. This is a big one, a STATE tourney, and if you place in the top 3 in your weight class, you make the STATE team for NATIONALS. So wish my son good luck, cuz he has a really good chance of making the "Team Indiana" Nationals team!

Now for what I have been creating....first a Sellabella set of cards for a VERY good friend....We've known each other since I was 14 yrs old, and that was a Long time ago. anyway, she just bought a new house and is moving, so i made her these "we're moving" announcements and i think they turned out pretty nice. The inside (not pictured) has a place for her new address, phone and email, so hopefully she will luv them! guess i will find out when i see her after work....which cant come soooooon enough.

second, is a set of cards i made from the "cowboys & Indians" set from The cat's pajamas. I luv their stamps, i think they are just tooooo cute. Take a looky and see whatcha think!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will be back on Monday!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's all the Rage

o.k.....i've caved and now have this blog, and for those of you familiar with VeggieTales, all i can hear in my head is "oh Bob,bob, bob,it's all the rage in veggiebeat magazine" right before he falls into the kitchen sink because of the potholder on his head. heeheehee, hope my attempt at a blog doesnt end up like Larry the cucumber's, "i've fallen and I cant get up"

Anywho, this blog will share with you, pieces of my life and creativity (which I hope you enjoy and come back to visit regularly) please feel free to comment on or case any of my creations, just be kind and do not steal them for contest or publication....and give credit when credit is due, thanks. I will always be sure to do the same.

one little sidenote....I am a very proud mother & grandma, so at times I may sharing alot of stuff about my kiddos and/or grandbabies....i will warn you first so if you dont want to hear the bragging you dont have to.

so to start this off.....i luv stamping bella and you will often see these wonderful stamps being used in my creations, so for today i will share a few that i previously made, hope you like them.

This is my submission for the April shoebox swap on Bellaholicsannonymous group. I used the Huggybella stamp for the is one of my FAV's (of course I luvey them all, so it is hard to choose an ACTUAL favorite!) The image was colored with prismacolor pencils and blended with gamsol. Sorry, i dont remember the details on the paper brand, but i thought they were great springy colors and they made me happy, so hopefully they will do the same for the other bellaholics that receive them in the swap. let me know whatcha think?