Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More bellas (of course)

Here are a few more bellas I recently created. Some of them you may have already seen, but I didnt have a blog then, so I am posting them now. Last night I was just tooooo tired to move off the couch, much less create anything, but i believe tonight will be much better so hopefully i will have something fun to show ya tomorrow!!!

this first one is a Mwahbella, I luvie her, isnt she just too cute?
the next one is Savvyshoppabella....I made her especially for my BFF, Cindy, who moved to a far far away land...well sunny Florida anyway (which to me, in Indiana, it might as well be a far far away land) anyway....if u read it...it says, "we came, we shopped, we paid cash" hee heee heee, this is becuz of our mutual goal to get out of debt! so we were each others shopping partners, that way we never EVAH use any credit cards, only cash or a debit card! wish she was still here, cuz it made it soooo much easier when i had someone else to be accountable to. Now, I struggle to focus on NOT spending anymore money than i have budgeted for....do any of you have this same problem????? well i guess now, i need to focus on raising the money for my son's trip to nationals, so i will definetly have to stick to my BUDGET (what a nasty little word!)
well hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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