Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!

wOO HOO!!! I am soooo excited! can ya tell? Our first state wrestling tourney went AWESOME!!! So this will be a bragging blog & probably no creativity for today (as I did not have time this weekend do do anything) My youngest son, Aaron, got 2nd place at the ISWA greco-roman tournament and that qualifies him to be on "TEAM INDIANA" yay!!! yay!!! yay!!! My older son also got to participate on this team, when he was a junior in High School, but Aaron is only a Freshman so this is quite an honor. Plus it mean a fun trip to Nationals which are held in Fargo, ND. And to top that off, the kid he lost to, came over after the match and told us Aaron was the only person to score any points on him ALL SEASON!!! OMG!!! I am just so proud of him and all the hard work he has put into (even when he didnt want to somedays) now it is paying off! well that is all the bragging i will do for today, but thanks for listening and stopping by....i will try and have a card for ya tomorrow (or maybe a scrapbook page? who knows)


Ami said...

You brag all you want sistah I know what a big deal this is. Besides being on Team IN is a big deal. CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSS.

emily said...

yah for aaron!
that must be so exciting for you all :) congrats!!

and thanks for the kind words on my blog!! i'm so excited!

i've been browsing and all your cards are looking always :)