Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i've been RAK'D

The first picture is a RAK i received from one of my Bellah Sistahs, Liane Donovan, isnt it just the cutes. I luvie the colors she chose to use together. They arent typically colors you would think of together, but they work b-u-tifully!!!

Thank YOU Liane for thinking of me!!!

Next is a card I made last night with some new clear mini sets I got from INKADINKADO....I think it turned out pretty cute, what do you think? dont ya just luv brown and pink together?

Sorry if the pictures aren't the best, I am not sure why but when i uploaded them, they appeared a little blurry to me, but I am not sure what happened. If you can't read the saying, it says "friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life" Isnt that just soooo true! Friends are definetly what makes life funner and so does chocolate!!! yum yum yum!!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day and be blessed!


Ami said...

too cute. Love the choclate card :)

Krystinah said...

Your cards look does your blog.....Thanks For Sharing