Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BELLAS everywhere!!!

Obviously I am bored here at work....this is my last week here before I start my new job, so I have already prepped everything to leave and there isnt much left to do....so i thought i would go ahead and show ya some bellas i recently made.

I made this card for my daughter who is cosmetology school in Indy right now and I am never sure what color her hair willbe when she comes home for the weekends. anyway, i thought it was fun and a good reminder that it doesnt matter what color your hair is as long as you are always true to yourself!

Next is a balloonabella i made to celebrate the 4th of July. I used glossy accents to make the balloons appear shiny and lots of stickles and glitter pens to show her off.....I think the stars just kinda added a little something to balance out the card, I mean afterall it is supposed to be the stars and stripes forever right?

And lastly is a bikibella card i made....it is a little different because i used my swiss dots CB embossing folder and then i used my pink and lime chalk ink to color the stripes, I think it turned out o.k. not sure if it is exactly what i had pictured in my mind, but then again alot of times things turn out a little differently that my mental picture, so it doesnt mean there is anything wrong with it, just a little different. well guess that is all i can share today....but keep in mind.....there is BLOG CANDY up for grabs until Sunday 8 p.m. cST, and you dont have to comment on which of my cards you like best just what STAMP OR STAMP SET you currently love the most or WANT THE MOST (HINT HINT...WiNk wInK, Nudge NuDgE!!!) so your ANSWER will help determine what the candy is!!!! Hope you are having a blessed day! I know i am!!!!


CLHAJNAL said...

Theresa, I just love coming back to your blog. I don't think you have to dangle blog candy in front of us, but you know we'll take it!! LOL! I think the most wanted stamp on my list is stella's message to you on the bella site. I am trying to venture out and try stamps from other companies, but I seem to always come back to the bellas. They are for sure my comfort zone. I would love to be surprised with anything. I like to be given something and then told...make something happen.
Have a great day!!

Carrie Hajnal

Glenna said...

I guess I've been behind a door or something because this is the first I've seen the Stamping Bella website and all of the outrageously cute stamps!There's something for everyone but I particularly liked this page
chichiboulie and the "baby buttercup"
and "Wendy Papillon" are favorites but I could go on and on choosing because there are so many cute stamps. I will definitely let my stamping friends know about your blogspot and this amazing website. Thank you!!!

Glenna Schuchman

Ami said...

:) I'm glad you liked my card even if I didn't. However I hope you like the next one I sent as well. I think it was a rough sketch but I did come to love it. I think right now I'm just really wanting this very retro Santa image from Sideshow Stamps you know I love them and I'm also wanting Bombshell Angel from Bombshell Stamps and a CUTTLEBUG LOL. My wish list grows longer each day. I am having a tough time debating on my favorite cards of yours but I like the pirate Riley but I'm going to have to go with the cosmetology card because I love to color my hair too :) Right now it's my normal black but with purple highlights. Great blog and keep up the good work!

Kitty Mom said...

I'm a new member of the yahoo group and am loving everyone's work. You have a great blog and wonderful candy. I'm just getting started with Bellas and love them all. I think JammyBella is next on my Must Have list. CONGRATS on your hits!

Ila said...

Your cards are Fabulous...I especially love the layout in the first one!!
Congratulations on all the hits!!
I love Bellas .....hugging bellas being one of my fav!

Debby said...

These are all fabulous as well. Love your blog and your eye candy Theresa. I also love the "Stay true to yourself". Is that a stamp or something you printed. I would love to have a stamp like that.