Friday, June 27, 2008

Pins and Needles

so today I am waiting.....waiting (not patiently, mind you) but waiting and waiting to see updates on what is happening with my son in Kansas City at USAW GRECO DUALS. Currently he is 3 & 3 and his team is in 2nd place and going for the championship!!! He's a little upset because he hurt his back and lost 2 matches that he should have won, but his back is a little better this morning so we are praying that today is a better day for him. I will probably post updates throughout the day if anyone is interested you can check back....

I have been creating, but the things i am doing are being submitted to a DT contest and can not be previously published or posted on any website or blog, so you will have to wait to see what i've been up to.....I think it is some pretty good stuff and i hope it is good enough to be chosen, but so does everyone else who applies and alot of them have more experience so if it doesnt work out this time....i will keep trying! have a great day!

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