Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little of this and alot of that

O.K. i promised yesterday to get these posted, but life got in the way, so here they are: first card is the RAK card I received from Melissa for the Bella RAK unite day!!! great idea Melissa!!! and after receiving her card and letter, she definetly lives in a more exciting environment in New Orleans, than I do in Indiana.....the only thing we have going for us here in Indiana, is Holiday World, which of course is renowned for their wooden roller coasters and huge water park. Unfortunately for as close as I live (approx 45 mins. away) we never seem to have the time to go and enjoy the day there. Anyhoo, Melissa's idea has def. inspired me to send out more RAK, because EVERYbody loves Happy Mail!!!
The next 2 cards are from Pam Gaynor who sent me these both of these beautiful RAK cards. I dont think I was supposed to get 2 (one was an OOPS) but arent they both just lovely!!! she does such nice work! I always enjoy looking at her creations. So thank you Melissa and Pam, It was a very happy mail day for me!!!
Next are a few pics my son took when we dropped him off at of his best friends LUVS Purdue, so he was jealous that Aaron was getting to go and he of course, we had to take some pictures to rub it in a little...heeeheee!!! I did think the pics of the stadium are pretty cool, the way the name and the purdue symbol goes across the seats, and I think my baby is one handsome young man....but i know i am slightly biased afterall he is my kid, right?

and lastly, i'm posting a couple of cards i finished when i got home last night.....i know this has been a long post, so i am sorry, just catching up from being gone. hope everyone has a blessed week!

Hope you have enjoyed your visit and please stop by frequently, i will try to have new stuff posted daily. AND when i hit 1500 visitors I am planning some really cool blog candy giveaways!!! C-Ya soon!

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