Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump Day! means nothing when you dont have a job!!!

yes, today is traditionally called "hump day" but when you stay at home, does it actually mean anything? NOPE!!! just means more cleaning, more laundry, blah blah blah!!! I am completely sick of doing LAUNDRY!!! does anyone else ever feel this way???? Am i the only one???? well at least i got to make this card. I started out with a sketch from a paper pretties challenge, but it evolved into something close but not the i chose to use a stamped image from stamping bella called best friend forevah! you can find the stamp here at If you havent ever checked them out you definetly NEED to!!!
anyway....moving on....this is my baby Aaron in between soccer games at last saturday's tournament. It was so completely HOT HOT HOT!!! to hot to play soccer....and i ended up getting scorched! even with sunscreen my legs were sooooo RED. So OK, another soccer parent said to spray the sunburn down with vinegar and it would take the sting i tried it and wah lah!!! it worked....i was stinky, but i wasnt hurting! Have i told you that my boys can sleep anywhere? well here is proof, we are at McD's between games and he laid down and fell asleep!
and apparently Saturday was the day to focus on his foot skills, because 2/3rds of the pictures i took were of his feet???? dont ask, either he was moving too fast or i was focusing too slow! heeheehee!!!
and this is when he was getting ready to play goalie, isnt he such a cute goalie? I think so.

Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful, blessed "hump day"


Kristie said...

This is SOOO cute!! I need this stamp! I'll have to wait for another free shipping weekend LOL!

Too funny about your son sleeping at Mickey D's!

Susan said...

So cute! Love these colors. Looks like lemonade! And I hate laundry! I'd rather do dishes!

Meli Mitchell said...

Your card is just adorable. And your son....too funny!

Kim said...

What a cute card!!! I love that stamp!
hugs~ Kim