Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

well i have been MIA for quite awhile!!! and life was CRAZY and then it got CraZIER!!! so long story short...the "great new Job" turned out to be NOT SO GREAT!!! so now I no longer have a job! I know....UNBELIEVABLE....she decided she didnt want to train anyone, so there ya go! what kind of job do you NOT have to be trained to do???? Oh well, God is good and is always faithful to provide, so i will not worry because he will provide all my needs according to HIS riches (not mine)!!!
so anyway, that has left some time to craft!!! woo hoo!!!! so here is a few things I have made this week:
The first two pictures are a set i made to sell....they use stampendous monkeys and are soooo cute. So do you think they are "Sell" worthy??? The last picture is going to be sent as a RAK and I have 3 more with the same image, in different colors, to be sent out as Happy Mail to hopefully brighten somebody's day......Maybe it will be yOu!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Susan said...

I've missed you! If I hadn't heard from you by the weekend, I was off to find you! Glad you're back. I finally was able to post that little cutie you sent me to my blog. I hope you like what I did with her. Welcom back!!!! And you're so right, God will provide.

Krystinah said...

So happy to see yo back...Enjoy your time crafting and I cant wait to see what you make next...Kristina

amanda said...

Great cards! That Changito is so cute.

Candy said...

Hi Theresa!
It is great to see you back. I am sorry the job didn't work out though. God will provide for you ~
Of course your cards are sellable! Gosh - you do great work. These are so cute and the colours are wonderful.

Ami said...

Glad you are back but sorry to hear about the job. Sounds like you will be better off without working with someone like that though. Good luck with the new job hunt and love the cards!!!

Loreen said...

Glad to see you are back! Your cards look wonderful =)

Meli Mitchell said...

What a great, refreshing and positive attitude you have!

I love all the cards. The colors are so bright and happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa~Welcome back. Love your Changito cards...they are so sell worthy. Your Penny Black hedgehog is just adorable too.
Sorry about the job but I'm sure something better will come along.

VI Scrapchick said...

Fabulous cards, I'm sure you will have no problem selling them. Your new job may not have worked out but your faith will keep you strong and headed in the right direction. Good luck.